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Very few times in my life have I felt proud of myself. I’m sure it’s true with any of us: it’s much easier to see the good in others than it is in ourselves. But after one BEAUTIFUL day spent with the new Mr. & Mrs. Stickels, I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud that such an amazing couple entrusted me with their memories.

Maybe it was when Cheyenne told me that Cameron said I would be their photographer for life. Or perhaps it was when I read the sign that said, “our photographer is awesome”. Or maybe it was when I overheard Cameron tell one of his groomsmen he would actually have fun taking pictures. About halfway through the day, I was so flattered that I was ready to write an acceptance speech.

Wow! Cameron and Cheyenne have me feeling like the guest of honor- and it’s their wedding!

But then I realized…it wasn’t just me.

Cameron and Cheyenne are such kind and easy-going spirits that they made their special day feel like everyone’s special day!

What music do you want played? Anything is fine!

Where do you want this arrangement? Wherever you think is best!

Is a man-bun ok? Yup!

Can I take my heels off now? Of course!

Every single question the couple was asked, they simply wanted what was best and easiest for everyone else. Cheyenne even let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses and hairstyles, and I could not believe how perfectly they came together!

Cheyenne's only rule was no crying! Her mom (and I) had a hard time keeping that one...

They wanted their family, friends, and guests to be comfortable and have a good time. Cameron and Cheyenne didn't want a big production, they just wanted a celebration. A celebration of their new life together; full of laughter, music, memories, and love. And that's exactly what they got.

Mr. & Mrs. Stickels, it's clear that your selflessness extends beyond your family and friends to one another. It's not hard to see that you're both absolutely crazy about each other. Keep putting each other first and I have absolutely no doubt you'll have many crazy wonderful years ahead.

It was truly an honor.


Hair and Makeup: Hello Beautiful

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