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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

My favorite thing to shoot is a couple in love, but there's something extra special about photographing a couple in love with a perfect little miracle on the way!

Treasure and Nick are the already-proud parents of Mr. Tatum Brooks. Little man's appearance is fast-approaching, but in the meantime, Mr. & Mrs. Blevins chose to capture this special time in their parenting journey. And I'm so glad they did!

Gaaaaa! I'm still gushing over these! The dress, the hair, the BUMP! I couldn't quit reminding Treasure how gorgeous she looked, and Nick was quick to agree. Say it with me: GLOW-ING!

I know it can seem like an eternity while you're waiting on your bundle of joy to arrive (trust me, pregnancy makes July feel like forever), but you two try and enjoy this time together! Go on dates, take naps, and savor each sweet little kick- you'll miss it!

I can't wait to watch you two become parents, I have a feeling you'll be pretty great at it.

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