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The fact that I just typed 2022 is making me feel super old. When I graduated in 2014, that sounded like some crazy far-off in-the-future year when we would all be driving flying cars. The fact is: 2022 is almost here, and with that brings a brand new bunch of Seniors ready to take on 2022 and every year after.

Bentley was the perfect start to the 2022 senior season. He aced every pose. His easygoing personality helped him look relaxed and cool in every single photo. He's so calm and collected that you can't even tell he was treading through old barns and fields in the hot sun. Throughout the session, I kept changing my mind as to which shot was my favorite, and it was no easier to choose when I looked through them on my laptop. I reminded myself that it would be a bit much to post 75 images for a sneak peak blog, so I managed to pick out just a few favorites.

Thank you, Bentley, for making your session so fun and for being a gentleman and knocking down the tall grass for me. Enjoy your senior year! Hopefully without a mask, although I know you could make them look cool too.

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