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Time really is a crazy thing. I got to photograph this guy before he was even born and now he's turning four!? How?!

Asher Gray, it has been so fun watching you grow up. I love the way you give me a cheesy grin when you see me hold up the camera (yes, we have him trained). I love how excited you get over the small things. I loved watching you make eye contact with every one and tell them "Thank you!" for each present you opened. I loved your Spidey-themed party! As someone who grew up with two Spidey-loving brothers, I can definitely appreciate all of the details.

The last four years have been better with you in them! You are very loved by so many people and the long line of friends and family waiting to get a picture with you proves just how adored you are. Spidey wishes he was this cool!

Happy Birthday, little man!

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