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If you think you're having deja vu, don't panic. The truth is you've just probably seen all of these faces before. This time of year is so rewarding for me. Everyone is trying to get the perfect family picture for their Christmas card, and my family is no exception! This year, my Nana wanted an updated gallery of her grandkids because Emma and Landon have changed so much (and Josiah grew a mustache). You can see last year's images here to compare for yourself.

Trust me when I say I know how difficult it is to get a good family picture. Shout-out to my momma for taking 110 images (not an exaggeration) of our group shot. As I scrolled through those images, trying to find one, just one, where everyone's eyes are open and everyone is smiling, I just had to sigh. My sweet Landon was more concerned with rocks than smiling for the camera. I'll blame it on the fact that it was past his nap time.

But that's part of being a boy momma, I suppose! Rocks always come first. Luckily, the session still provided plenty of awesome shots of some of my most favorite people. These are the people I shared childhood with. They're the ones I raced on scooters. They're the ones I stayed up too late with. They're the ones I used to have movie marathons with. And they're the ones I beat at Uno ;)

It's a bittersweet thing to grow up. I miss those old times, but I'm thankful for the times we have together now. Although half of us have entered into adulthood, I'm proud to say that we're still just as close (and I can still beat them at Uno).

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