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Holy cow! It’s Tatum’s first birthday party!

After “practicing” indulging himself in a cow print cake last week, family and friends of the birthday (cow)boy gathered around to witness it firsthand. Tatum celebrated his first year on Earth with fresh chocolate milk, adorable cake pops, yummy fixin’s, and the coolest toy tractor ever.

Everyone was lining up to get their share of Mr. Tatum Brooks. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends…there is so much love for this cute, little guy!

Cute, little and proper guy, that is! Tatum dug into his sugary trophy a little bit, but this gentleman much preferred Nana to feed it to him. His little manners showed through again as he took the time to open and look at every present. No one has ever been more adorable pulling tissue paper out of a bag.

Spoiled? Nah! Just super duper loved!

Tatum partied till the cows came home. And after one rootin’ tootin’ humdinger of a party, I’m betting this ranchero took one long snooze. Well deserved after all of that hard work eating cake and whatnot.

Until the next Tatum adventure, so long partners!

Ok, I promise I’m done with the western slang.

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