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I think a reoccurring theme in my latest blogs would be "things that make Maggie feel old". I used to play with this baby's momma when we were babies. And now she's here with two beautiful ones of her own.

Mr. Samuel made his appearance a smidge early, and although he was already a month old when we took these images, he was still smaller than both of my babies were when they were born. His tiny little toes and piggly sounds made me think about just how quickly this time goes by. When you're in the trenches of the newborn haze, it kinda feels like a lifetime. When you're vacuuming a mountain of Froot Loops off the kitchen floor after your 16-month-old decided to get her own bowl of cereal, it feels like it's gone by in a flash. Even though I love this stage of momma-life that I'm in, it was so sweet to hold my baby cousin.

He's the snuggliest, sweetest little guy. And even with emphasis on the little, Samuel is anything but weak. All 6.something pounds of him held that head up like a 4-month old. This kid was all but crawling across the blanket. I couldn't believe it! This will be one strong-willed and determined little boy and I can't wait to see it.

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