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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I know what you're thinking: how did she take her own maternity pictures?

The short answer: My beautiful, amazing, talented, very, very, very patient, dear friend Megan.

The long answer: I picked out outfits weeks before just like anyone else would. I decided on a location and scheduled a date (just like anyone else would). I packed up my car full of all my session gear, hairspray, and our extra outfits. Also in the car with us was my beautiful, amazing, talented, very, very, very patient, dear friend Megan and her equally as amazing and patient hubby, Devin. I gave Megan a crash course in a few of the most important buttons on my camera on the way there. When I got to the session, I decided on my backgrounds and set up all of my manual camera settings. Then I handed the camera over to Megan, posed myself and Joshy, and let her snap away!

And may I just say, she crushed it. Always being mindful of my hair situations and so graciously letting me check the camera after every single pose while poor Devin ran around retrieving things I forgot in the car and holding shoes, camera gear, flower crowns, etc...

These two were amazing and I'm so thankful for such great friends who will put up with my crazy ideas! Josh and I just want to say thank you to the both of you!

If you happened to see any of our announcement session, they were executed using the exact same process except with my beautiful, amazing, talented, very, very, very patient momma.

Using this half me/half someone else shooting technique allows me to see the raw images, choose my favorites, and edit them the way I like them. Which is exactly what I did...on Saturday midnight.

I sat there with my husband as he continually awed over the images and told me how gorgeous I was in them. Even though I firmly disagreed, I couldn't help but smile as it became more and more real to me what I was looking at.

There's a my belly! Josh and I are going to be parents!

And what a journey it has been. That's a much longer story for a different time, but as I sat there looking at these moments between me, my husband, and our unborn child, I couldn't help but reflect on what all we've been through together these last couple of years. God has proven to us that His hand has been in it all. I will shamefully admit that there were times when I was discouraged and confused. Hurting emotionally and physically. But those moments seem few and short-lived compared to the joy and peace He has given to us both.

It won't be too much longer and we'll be holding our sweet, little Tater in our arms.

But until then, I want to soak up every single moment of the amazing gift that is carrying a child.

All I can say is Praise the Lord.

pink and blue dress: Pink Blush Maternity

green dress: Nee See's Dresses

floral headpiece: Fashions In Flowers

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