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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In order to celebrate the soon coming of Baby T, we decided to have a Baby Shower Tea...for Baby T! (confused yet?) This adorable Beatrix Potter themed party at The Grand in Downtown New Albany was the brainchild of my beautiful momma. She, along with more people than I could even begin to mention, put so much time and effort into this beautiful day, making me and my bump feel extra loved!

The world and stories of Beatrix Potter came alive through my mom's impeccable "tea"tails (see what I did there?) Each table featured a beloved character or story, complete with fresh vegetables from McGregor's garden! Even the mischievous Peter Rabbit could be found hopping around the party, showing up in details everywhere!

The beautiful women in attendance got to enjoy the Grand's elegant scenery while sipping on tea and savoring all kinds of goodies! (Can we get another round of applause for the cake, please??) But it wasn't all so relaxing...I made my guests put on their thinking caps and play a few games that honored not only me and Josh, but also our family. My favorite game was "Who's That Baby?". Go ahead, take your best guesses!

I'll give you a hint: number 4 is me!

To say that this day has come and gone is absolutely mind-blowing to me. What a journey it has been! Our baby will be here before we know it! Thanks to our incredible family and friends, we are so much more prepared for Baby T's arrival than we were two days ago. To say that Josh and I are overwhelmed with love is an understatement. We have the best family and friends any young couple could ever ask for and God has blessed us so far beyond what we deserve.

As much as I love photographing, I couldn't be behind my camera the entire time. Thankfully, my amazing Aunt Hope ran around capturing moments with her camera! Also included in the following compilation are some cell phone shots.

A HUGE thank you my Mom, my hubby, Tena at the Grand, Dianne Nelson, my Aunt Hope, my Mother-in-Law, Melissa, my Nana, my Aunt Deb, all of Baby T's Granddads who helped set up, my friends Hannah, Leah, Megan, Kim, Robyn, Jenny, Hannah, Eden, Ava, Natalie, Olivia, Ashleigh...

There are seriously too many people to thank!

God bless you all!

Momma T

My floral crown: Fashions In Flowers

Mom and Sadie's dresses: Dainty Jewell's

Cake: Becky Simpson

Venue: The Grand

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