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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Another week, another sweet baby to admire! For this session, I had the privilege of meeting the Cozart family. The now family of four includes momma Kristen, Eddie, Sophia, and little Miss Lydia. Sophia was kind enough to share her little sis with me for a few snaps. To my complete joy, Lydia’s close-ups included a few Disney-inspired pieces. Mickey ears are always, always appropriate.

Besides just her little sister, Sophia also brought her Granny and “Grumps” to share in the session’s fun! Coming from one very blessed granddaughter, I can attest that there’s nothing quite like the relationship between one little girl and a couple of very smitten grandparents. The way Grumps played with his Sophie, the way Granny teared up as she looked into Lydia’s eyes…

Sorry, moms and dads, I’m not sure what it is, but Grandparents just have that magical ability to make us feel extra loved and spoiled. If you’re reading this and you’re blessed enough to have an amazing grandparent or four, go tell them you love them! As illustrated in Granny and Grumps’ faces: they sure do love us.

Thank you, Cozarts, for letting me capture these sweet memories! (and for letting me hold your precious baby (photographer’s perk))

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