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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Yet another plan NOT ruined by Covid-19. Although many prom-goers had to hang up their dresses for another year, Luke and Hannah decided to make their senior prom one to remember. This gorgeous couple got all spiffied up for some photos and a night out on the town. I love a good navy suit, and Luke's went perfectly with Hannah's uh-mazing gown that was giving me major mystical mermaid vibes. And then she had to go and top it off with that perfect braid. Ariel has nothing on this beauty.

Seeing Luke and Hannah together made me super nostalgic. This is their fourth (and final) formal together. I had flashbacks to my first date which just so happened to be mine and Josh's freshman year Sunshine Society Dance. It was that very night that he told me he had plans to match my dress every year thereafter. 10 years later and he still gives me butterflies. Sometimes young love actually works.

*shrugs shoulders*

I hope the two of you had a super fun and memorable night! Years from now, it will be so neat to say, "Remember when we went bowling instead of dancing because prom was canceled?"

Thanks, Hannah and Luke, for gracing my camera with your perfection.

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