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"It's awesome when the birthday boy is so into the animals. We go to a lot of parties where the actual kid who's party it is doesn't even care."

"If he wasn't into them, they wouldn't be here." Because I would never ever have come up with a farm and farm animal theme on my own. Not that I hate animals, I just hate the way they make me feel (congested with red eyes and a big fat headache and a runny nose.) But because somehow my baby is a cowboy, I loaded up on the Claritin-D, ibuprofen, and eye drops and watched my boy feed the ducks and love on the cow. And now that the second birthday celebration is behind us, I wouldn't have changed a thing (except for maybe asking Nan to make a bit more lemonade- that stuff is the best). Landon was on Cloud 9 the entire time and even Josh admitted that it was all worth it to see him so happy.

Although its true I'm not a farmer, I actually had a lot more farm-esk things in my possession than I realized. So I raided mine, my mom's, my aunt's, and my mother-in-law's homes and borrowed a bunch of decor. Add in a few trips to Goodwill and some straw bales, and this allergic momma threw together Landon's first rodeo.

A HUGE thank you to my amazing family who tirelessly helped me plan, prep, and decorate. A thank you also goes to Honey Hill Farm for being so great and patient with the kiddos. And of course, thank you thank you thank you to all of Landon's amazing family and friends who came to party with him. We're blessed with the best and this will without a doubt be one of my new most favorite memories.

pigs in a blanket: Best Donut

cookies: H&R Bakery

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