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How is it already time for these two to be on the Homecoming Court? Kennadi & Kiarra made us all proud this weekend when they lit up my camera as what has to be two of the most gorgeous Queen candidates ever to come from CHS. The unforgiving southern Indiana weather forced us to move our short photoshoot indoors, but I'm actually super in love with our impromptu arrangements. The brick against their black and white dresses was *chef's kiss* in this monochrome-lover's opinion.

Just as their dresses imply, these sisters are alike, but very much opposites. They are both brilliant, athletic, adventurous, spunky, and clearly supermodel material, but sometimes their personalities and interest are completely different. They're each so unique and on their own paths to success.

Enjoy these milestones and memories of your senior year. They really do go by too quickly. Nobody can convince me otherwise: we have two Queens in the family.

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