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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I couldn’t quite decide exactly what sweet Kendall reminded me of during her senior session on Saturday. She looked so crazy gorgeous and relaxed, it was hard to pick one. But after narrowing it down, I’ve decided that she reminded me of a Mother-Nature-Moana-angel.

Yes, that's now a thing. Let me elaborate:

The way she walked barefoot in that white dress surrounded by a field of sunflowers, she could play Mother Nature in any movie, any time. Her incredible (and all natural) curly hair and sun-kissed skin would give the Disney Princess a run for her money. What I wouldn’t give to have just a fraction of that wavy-ness. And the way the sun played peek-a-boo with us all session created some backlighting that looked just like a halo on her pretty head!

Yes, you are welcome to “oooh” and “aaah” over Kendall’s beauty and bubbly smile. How she managed to look so relaxed with mud on her feet and bees in her face, I do not know.

Kendall, I know you’re entering your senior year in a bit of a crazy time. It would be easy for anyone to get discouraged, but I have a feeling your easy-going and optimistic spirit will help make this final year in high school your best one yet! You're an inspiration and I cannot wait to see what you decide to do in the future!

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