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Eric is in love with Katie. Katie is in love with Eric. I'm in love with these images. Mosquitos are in love with me. But it was totally worth it to get these downtown garden vibes.

I have been dreaming about this engagement session ever since Eric popped the big question. Katie has always been one of my favorite people to photograph. I'm so jealous of the people who get more and more beautiful the more joyful they are. I wish I could just laugh openly and freely and still be even a tiny bit photogenic, but I just ain't got it. Katie, though... she's so purely pretty, and now that she's a bride, the glow is unreal.

Speaking of glow, the sunlight encapsulating these two was perfect. Eric was such a gentleman as he escorted Katie through the gardens. His soft-spoken and calm demeanor matches Katie perfectly and the photo magic between them was a dream for me.

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