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Updated: May 14, 2021

Give me a P! *P*

Give me an R! *R*

Give me an E! *E*

Give me a C! *C*

Give me an I! *I*

Give me an O! *O*

Give me a U! *U*

Give me an S! *S*

What’s that spell?!


I honestly can’t think of a better word. Just look at those eyes.

And don’t let that crooked, little grin fool you. This cowboy is all business. From his hat all the way to his Converse, Jaxton is one serious little fella. He’s got a whole world to take in, and he isn’t messing around.

Ok, every once in a while he broke out a smile, but only after maximum effort by his family members behind me and a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background. Oh, and he also smiled at his beautiful Mama.

I’m so glad Josie got in front of the camera with her boy. Nothing like the relationship between a momma and her son. Especially when they have matching shoes and amazing hats.

Josie wasn’t the only one who joined in on the fun. Jaxton’s cousins, Layne (aka the best photography assistant ever) and Kreed hopped in a few shots. The preciousness between these three blonde boys is too much! (I really can’t think of another word…)

What a fun little baby fashion show! *cough* I mean session.

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