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I remember the first time I became a big sister. I got to the hospital and my little brother "gifted" me with a brand new Barbie. If my memory is correct, I think it was a ballerina Barbie. I remember, even at that age, thinking how odd it was that I would receive a present at my brother's birth. But now being a big sister x4, I understand. It's no easy job. The least us big sisters deserve is a Barbie every now and then. There's nobody in the world realizing how important of a job being a big sister is right now than Emersyn.

While explaining her new responsibilities, Emersyn described how babies cry a lot, they're messy, they wake everyone up, and they need attention all of the time! But they are also so fun and sweet and cuddly, and when they're as cute as Hudsyn, Emersyn and I will have to agree that they're all worth it. Sleepless nights are hard, but they're here and gone before we know it. The bond between siblings lasts forever. Something I couldn't help but think about as I told Emersyn about that same "baby" brother who is now 22 and 6 inches taller than me.

Casey and Ben, you all sure do have some pretty kiddos. I'm still envious over all of Hudsyn's amazing hair. Congrats and enjoy all of the incredible moments to come!

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