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I love some newborn snuggles, and not much beats a good cake smash session, but there's something about when these babies turn 6 months old that is just too adorable. I think it's the baby talk. The guh-guh-guh's and the dah-dah-dah's. The spit bubbles and the little grins. It's such a magical age. Their personalities are starting to develop and I adore getting to capture it.

Hudsyn was not shy in giving me all of the baby things. Him and those squishable cheeks babbling his own little language created too many sweet moments on camera to narrow down.

Hudsyn beat the Ohio Valley heat by stretching out on a blanket under a shade tree, then cooling off in his own personal splash bath. Not going to lie, the way he was relaxing in the water made me a bit jealous. Thanks to big sis, Emersyn, for helping with his session! Careful when you scroll. It's very easy to get lost in those massive blue eyes.

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