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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Spring has sprung here in Southern Indiana. As proven by my watery eyes and runny nose (I was only outside for about half an hour *enter facepalm emoji*)

BUT the weather has been so nice lately. And because all of my recent photography sessions have been postponed, I’ve really been wanting to get back out there and shoot. Annnnnnnd since I have a super cute baby who recently got an Easter basket, annnnnnd since I have an aunt and uncle with plenty of farm-fresh eggs, I figured, “Why not?”

And that’s how this Easter-inspired photo session of my baby boy came to be.

You’ll notice that he tried to eat the eggs. You’ll also notice that he tried to eat an egg-shaped cookie. It was good practice for his first birthday cake in a few months.

Fun fact: the overalls were passed down from big cousin Jackson.

Not going to lie, it was good to get out there and forget about everything else for a minute. The last few weeks have almost felt like a dream (not necessarily a good dream). But no matter how much changes in the world, we can always look around and see God’s beauty in the simple things. Like the grass between a baby’s toes or new blooms in the Spring.

God has been so good to me and my little family. When hard times come, it’s good to know where my hope lies. I pray you all have a safe, healthy, and blessed Easter!

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