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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

And we all could learn a thing or two from Miss Fynley. After a seven year journey, the Huffmans were blessed with their very own princess who turned my normal Monday evening into one filled with warmth and whimsy. In the beautiful gardens of the Lanier Mansion in downtown Madison, Indiana, Fynley took the time to appreciate and smell every flower. Her long, wavy locks bounced as she hopped from one bush to the next.

Those big, blue eyes lit up as she educated me on the color of every bud, as well as how to dance like Elsa. And after throwing Daddy's coins into the fountain to create wishes, I'm really not sure what could have made the day more magical. Although, if you were to ask Fynley, it may have been the ice cream after the session.

Thank you so much, Huffman Family, for a wonderful and lighthearted evening. It feels good to go back to a time when your biggest worry is the blade of grass caught in your unicorn sandal. Precious doesn't even begin to describe Miss Fynley. I hope these images captured just a glimpse of her gentle spirit.

All in a golden afternoon, my friends.


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