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Family and friends of Dakota, Emily, and "Bean" Riley came together for one double celebration at Time Zone Pizza Arcade and Java Station 56. This little fam's next chapter is taking them to Washington and not only were the events of Thursday night a great way for their loved ones to wish them off, but it also just happened to be Dakota's birthday. Taking even more advantage of the situation, we also turned it into a family photoshoot. There was pizza, there were games, there were adorable babies, and there was a lot of laughter. Honestly, what more does a great party need?

As I've grown a bit more acquainted with this family, I have learned that there is no shortage of love for each other. I know it's probably bittersweet to celebrate this young family's newest adventure while also saying goodbye (if only for a little while), but it sure did make for some heartwarming moments. As cute as the babies were, I have to admit that my favorite images were the hugs. Just look at how precious. It's too much *sniff*

Thanks for letting me lurk around in the background of your party. No doubt in my mind that the three of you will thrive anywhere life takes you. Happy Birthday, Dakota, and thank you for your service!

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