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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The Fall Mini Session Mania continues! If you haven’t already, check out my previous post to see some of my first mini sessions. Then head on over back here to check out the rest! Starting with the one.. the only…

The Crase Family

I’ve been taking Aaron, Jessica, and Miss Audrey’s family pictures for a couple years now, and every time I think Audrey gets even cuter! Her little curls bouncing as she stopped to smell each flower melted my heart. The poor girl was chilly, but even upset, she’s still gorgeous! She loves apples, Sofie the giraffe, and being thrown launched into the air by her daddy. Speaking of her daddy, she thought he looked very pretty for our session. Goodness, that girl cracks me up!

Aaron and Jessica, you two have always been a couple that Josh and I looked up to. And now you are the type of parents that we can look up to as well. Thank you, Crases, for being my loyal customers and supporters from the beginning!

The Jackson Family

I’ll go ahead and answer your question: Yes, this kid really is as happy as he appears to be in the following images. Sarah and Kyle Jackson have one beautiful, and super happy baby boy named Alexander. Getting him to smile was an absolute cake walk. The magic words? “Excuse you.” It made him smile every time.

Excuse me, but I simply can’t get over how adorable this family is. They all three have such soft and gentle spirits, making for one calm and fun session. Thanks for sharing your time with me, Jacksons! I can’t wait for our boys to get to know each other in the future!

(I mean, c’mon! Have you ever seen anyone with hat hair look as cute as Alexander?!)

The Cowherd Family

It must have been super happy little boy day! Following his cousin Alexander’s lead, Asher Cowherd was one cheesy client. He did so good putting his hands in his pockets like a big boy and smiling at my camera. Couldn’t ask for better!

Miss Lilly Cowherd is the sweetest, most polite little girl you could ever meet. Lovebirds, Michael and Corinne, have certainly created one precious family that I had so much fun photographing!

And we wrap up this season's parade of mini sessions with none other than...

The Spurlock Family

This family is a perfect balance of calm and adventurous. Energetic and sweet. Funny and serious. For example, Dave is all business about, well...everything. He married Janine who giggles at, well...everything! They have two of the kindest, most beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Kylie. And the cherry on top of this Spurlock sundae is Mr. Ethan Carter. What did we ever do without him?! Ethan kept us all entertained as the girls helped me carry my equipment (they are seriously the sweetest).

Spurlocks, you all are a blessing to me and Josh (and now Landon!) Thanks for spending one chilly morning with me!

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