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Newborn sessions are by far the most difficult type of session I offer. It takes so much more planning, setting up, editing, and patience than just going outside at golden hour. Now, though, after having done two newborn sessions for my own babies, I can say with much more emphasis that newborn sessions are the most difficult. Thank you to every mom and dad who has taken the time to let me photograph their baby at such a trying time. I understand just how carefully everything has to be orchestrated to get just a few good snaps of your growing family. Physically and emotionally, this time is exhausting. It would be so, so much easier to forget it all. After all, at this stage, we're still in survival mode.

But, hopefully like every other client who has trusted me to photograph their newborn, when I look at these images, I can say that it's all worth it. Even after just 13 short days of life, my baby has changed so much. It's been an adjustment, but I'm already obsessed with our family of four. Little Miss sure has changed everything, but I adore it. I love seeing my boys with her. I love twirling the tuft of hair on the top of her head and calling her a Dairy Queen ice cream cone. I love creating outfits with bows and dainty little details. I even love picking the Oreo crumbs out of her hair that her brother leaves when he kisses her head.

So even though it took everything out of me (and Josh and my poor Mom) to curl my hair and create these images, I would do it again to have these lifelong memories to look back on. You gotta admit, my babies are pretty cute.

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