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Are you all ready for the sweetest session ever? No seriously. Don't scroll any further if you have a sensitive sweet tooth. Not only is Esther scrumptious enough all by herself, but for her first birthday photoshoot, she became even sweeter. With an adorable take on the first birthday cake smash, Esther Mae helped herself to a box of delicious donuts, and I had the privilege of capturing every bite! Esther had an easy time smiling and waving for the camera at first, but when the sweets came out, she was all business.

Before all of the birthday festivities, we took advantage of Esther's outfit still being clean and took some shots dedicated to her little brother. Yep! Esther is going to be a big sister this summer. This soon-to-be family of four has a whole lot to celebrate right down to the very last sprinkle.

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