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Oh my do I have a treat for your eyes this morning. My nine-month pregnant brain has dreamt about nothing but newborns the last few weeks, so this little angel of a baby did not help. Never in my wildest dreams, however, would my baby have even half the hair that Elijah does. I was in absolute shock when they pulled out a big boy hairbrush for him. I don't think we needed a brush for Landon's head until he was around 2. As we were talking about it, Elijah's daddy said, "Wasn't your first thought that you'd never seen anything so beautiful?'

Um. If I'm being 100% honest, my first thought when I met my son was, "My goodness he looks just like my dad," because in front of me was a bald little human. It only took a split second for my brain to do what Matt's did, though. It is amazing how quickly you come to love someone you've never even met, and it's clear to see how immensely Matt and Rachelle love their little boy. It truly was a special session with the most well behaved little man. And it makes it that much more special that this is my last scheduled session before my own baby comes.

No, I'm not tearing up.

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