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It’s a babbbbbbby! Bring me all da babies! Especially the ones with perfect, bright, shining eyes like little Miss Julie!

Ally and Fred welcomed their sweet girl into the world just a few short months ago. And after watching them with her for a little bit, I can tell they’re already pros.

And speaking of professional, Julie’s little tuft of hair looks like a flawless soft serve ice cream cone *insert heart eye emoji*

I may have mentioned it before, but most of the babies in my family (including my own) are born pretty much bald. So when I see a little one with perfectly fluffy, dark locks, it makes my heart sing. Thanks, Julie, for sharing your sweet head with my camera!

I absolutely loved when my baby was this age. I could see the very first glimpses of his personality and I can see the same thing in Miss Julie. The way she cooed and smiled. The way she waved her arms when she saw her momma...I can already tell she's gonna be a sweetheart and a snuggle bug!

Merry Christmas, Elam Family! Thank you for sharing your little present with me!

Warning: before you scroll any further, just know that you may get lost is Julie's eyes. Seriously. They're captivating.

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