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Another May weekend in America means another high school prom. This time, the ol' Canon and I headed up the road to Crothersville High School to meet a few amazing (and adorable) couples. Our brief sessions saw cool, cloudy skies that turned into blazing sunshine that turned into rain drops. All in an Indiana afternoon...

But no matter the weather, these young ladies and gentlemen rocked their sessions. I'm so excited for y'all to see these sneaks!

Madison & Quinten

I thought I'd seen it all, folks. I really did. But just when I thought I knew every possible tie pattern, color combination, and accessory available in the prom world, Quinten comes in with a paisley tie and a PROM 2021 baseball cap. Talk about awesome. And yet somehow it worked perfectly next to Madison's elegant, lilac gown. Cool, yet classy. Kinda like these two.

also Madison's hair! Gahhhhhh!

Kaylee Caudill ft. Anthony

Oh, sweet Kaylee. This lady knows how to have fun. She also knows how to glam up a black dress.

The necklace! *insert heart eye emoji*

The earrings! *insert heart eye emoji*

The corsage! *insert heart eye emoji*

She also knows who to bring along on prom night. Not sure if I've ever seen a boy so adoring of his date. Anthony was the perfect gentleman and the best photobomber ever.

I mean, seriously! How cute is this?!

Grace & Blake

The baseball cap wasn't the only surprise accessory of the evening. When they asked me if I'd ever seen anyone else sport a chain like Blake's to prom, I said, "Nope. I think that's a first!"

And speaking of firsts, I think Grace's dress is a color I'd never seen before. Orange, but not neon, and not quite pastel either. Just some happy medium that paired perfectly with Grace's sun-kissed skin and blonde locks.

No denying these two are stunning, but even better was the sweet way they looked at each other.

Zach & Kate

Even the cloudiest of all sessions couldn't put a damper on Zach and Kate's evening. Rain or shine, these two came ready to have a good time. The wind actually became my friend as it swooped across Kate's hair that she did herself!

Just something about a high school sweetheart. And sweet doesn't even begin to describe these two.

Thanks for a few minutes of absolute joy! I hope your evening was just as great.

(also: pockets!)

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