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Mr. Creedon Axton graced the world with his arrival on January 10. Ten days later, he graced my camera with his squishy cheeks and puckered lips. This little boy was perfectly content the whole time. Even when we sat him inside a helmet.

Speaking of which: can we all just take a second to appreciate how beyond precious Creedon is posing with his grandfather's gear?! It's enough to make me tear up. Thank you to our local heroes!

Whether Creedon grows up to be a firefighter, or if he follows in his daddy's footsteps and becomes a baseball player, or if he decides to do his own thing, one thing is for sure: this little boy is loved. (Proof on mommy and daddy's faces below)

Thank you, Creedon, for a sweet and peaceful afternoon. And thank you, Cory and Whitney, for sharing your little angel with me!

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