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Is there anything sweeter than a fuzzy newborn head? For me, it's like instant dopamine. So if you need a dose of fuzzy sweetness today, look no further than Mr. Charlie Landmark. Little man recently entered the world and has had everyone completely obsessed ever since. And speaking of obsessed, his perfect little nursery was so fun to photograph. Every detail was so calming and perfect, but none more than his late great-grandfather's hat. Fun fact: his name was Charles too. *sniffles*

This little boy is destined to be a few things: 1. Adorable 2. A master DIY-er and 3. Hilarious. The amount of amazing qualities he has coming from both sides of his family is insane. I can't wait to watch him grow to see just who he'll turn out to be.

Congrats, Landmark fam, on another perfect little one. Parenthood looks good on you all.

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