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As I'm sitting here uploading this images to the blog, my one-year-old daughter is sitting next to me on the couch saying, "Baby! Cute!"

How right she is! The newest member of the White family made his grand entrance into the world in January and he is certainly one cute baby. I always stare amazed at little ones who are born with hair. It's a rarity in my family. If we are born with any hair, it's so translucent that you can't see it anyway. So imagine my heart eyes when Melanie took Mr. Beckham out of his carseat and I saw that perfect little, red head. The perfection didn't stop there. He was a complete angel the entire session. Mr. Sleepyhead snuggled up in his swaddle and let me photograph him to my heart's desire. His Momma, Daddy, and big sister are all in love with him and it shows through in their images.

I loved getting to capture this precious time. I can't wait to watch Mr. Beckham grow.

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