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This is what we call a full-circle photography moment. Asher has been in front of my camera since literally before he was born. His beautiful momma has diligently captured him growing up and I'm elated, and honestly a little bit sad, to share with you his TWO-YEAR OLD photoshoot. How?!

What an appropriate theme for this little guy. Asher is adorably wild. He took full advantage of the wide-open field to prove just how wild he is. Monster truck and safari hat in hand, Elise and I chased Asher around to get some of the most wildly cute images. If there's one thing he loves more than monster trucks, it's got to be his momma. These two melt my heart. I hope one day they can both look back on these moments and remember them as the "good ol' days".

Happy Birthday, perfect little wild man!

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