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It may be getting colder and grayer outside, but it's never too late to get some amazing family photos! This clan of troopers met me at 8 am on Saturday to tread through the 31 degree winds to find the (very) few trees that were still decorated in bright leaves. I'd say it was worth it!

Not only did these images come out so warm and cuddly despite the environmental factors, but the bright smiles of the Turner family put them over the top! Life is crazy, I get it. I only have one little one. I couldn't imagine juggling six busy schedules and somehow managing to show up all looking picture-perfect at the crack of dawn.

Thank you, Derek, Christy, Bentley, Breeleigh, Jack, and Rhett for being such fun models! Nobody would ever know that you all were absolutely freezing...well they do now, but that makes these images that much more impressive.

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