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It's Frazita family fall picture time! An event I look forward to every year! Somehow it feels like our first session was just a little while ago, and somehow it feels like it has been ages. Little Benjamin wasn't even born yet and now he's turning three. *mind blown*

But no matter the year, I can always count on the Frazitas to give me an adorable, energetic session. This year, the boys happily included their Pop Pop, Nana, and "funcle" Cory in the photography fun. (funcle = fun uncle) It's kinda hard not to smile when you're on someone's shoulders. Add in a few sticks and rocks and, of course, Buzz and Woody and you have the perfect recipe for an exciting evening. And speaking of perfect, how awesome are these glowing shots?! This family couldn't have picked a better day. The golden hour backlighting worked wonders with their blue and yellow getups.

It almost makes me a little sad to think about how big these boys will be in another year. It'll be here in no time! Time flies when you're having fun! And when you're chasing around four kiddos.

Until next time, Brayden, Parker, Jacob, and Benny!

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