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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Today's dose of Fall Family Fun is brought to you by the Elliss Family. Paul and Naomi are celebrating 42 years of wedded bliss and one adorable crew- complete with three gorgeous grandbabies. Emma and Andrew adore their baby cousin, Miss Adaline. Can't say I blame them! She's a perfect, little answered prayer...

And speaking of perfect: check out that background. No, it's not a massive watercolor painting. That's just beautiful Southern Indiana in October! The perfect time and place to snuggle up and get some great family shots. And when any given member of this beautiful family was not posing for my camera, they were right behind me helping make Adaline giggle.

Paul, Naomi, Anna, Keith, Emma, Andrew, Rebekah, Clint, Adaline, and yes, even Mr. Solemn, thank you all for being such an incredibly fun bunch! Thanks for giving me some of the best laughs I've ever photographed and for being willing to try absolutely anything I asked!

(Peep Solemn in the background of the group shots)

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