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If you would have asked me in middle school how many kids I wanted, I would have said five. Four girls, then one boy. But now that I have a little man of my own, I think I'd be just fine to have four more just like him. Maybe that's what this momma was thinking too.

Meet the Sorg family. One matriarch with five tall sons all with beautiful wives and kiddos of their own. 25 members of perfectly polite (and funny!) Sorgs. What a beautiful testimony of her love and example-ship to her family. It's enough just to have such wonderful people in front of my camera, but when they're all decked out in red, white, and blue on the riverfront I can't ask for much more.

Of all of my childhood memories, being at my grandparents' house spending time with my cousins are my very favorite. And I have a feeling these Sorg kiddos aren't short on the very same kind of memories. It was so sweet to watch you all interact with each other. Thank you thank you thank you for inviting me to your party and letting me capture your incredible clan. I felt like part of the fam. Especially when Grandma Sorg told me to stay and sample the shrimp!

BONUS PHOTOS: a compilation of funny faces!

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