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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Six years ago, my best friend, Megan, and I wanted to go on a road trip together. We had planned it all out. We had many things we wanted to do and even more things we wanted to eat. We grabbed a few more good friends, including Megan's sister, Abby, and headed off to do and eat all the things.

Fast forward to yesterday, and between me, Megan, and Abby, we have four kiddos crawling, running, and jumping around. Although we still have lots we want to do (and even more that we want to eat *cough* chocolate *cough*) our lives are a bit different now. Things and priorities have changed, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

And what do we do when things change? Well, we document it, of course! And what better way to document these sweet, little changes than through a mini photo sesh?

See, Beckett and Owen were my babies before I had a baby. These boys. THESE BOYS. I mean, just look at them. Beckett is 4 going on 16. He's so grown up now and it makes me sad. He's super helpful and more than willing to strike a pose for the camera. He's a superstar big brother and he loves Owen soooo so much.

Speaking of the little cutie, Owen was killing me in that turtleneck! His little mischievous grin is more than enough to make an Aunt Maggie's heart throb! He is a master at pointing out all of his different body parts, belly being the favorite, and he loves a good song about a tractor.

Hazel came in June, and Beckett and Owen finally got a little baby girl cousin to love on. And love on her they do! This little girl has everyone wrapped around her finger. Can you blame them, though? Just look at those eyes!

All of the love and snuggles wore Miss Hazel out, so we finished the session with a small nap and a bath. A milk and flowers bath, that is! It took a little convincing and a few Sour Patch Kids, but she came around to the idea and absolutely nailed it. I'm still swooning!

Thank you, Megan, Abby, and Mam Kim for loaning me your little blessings and helping me get some awesome shots!

(and thanks, Devin, for babysitting Josh)

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