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Fall is for family...sessions. And on this fine Sunday evening, TALPhotography is happy to present not one, but two absolutely incredible families. I've had the honor of photographing each member of the Secors before, but never like this. We were finally able to squeeze in that big family session on the calendar and the wait was well worth it. The colors were so vibrant. I promise I didn't bump up the saturation!

Just as vibrant are these guys' personalities. I rarely bring my hubby with me to sessions, but we went on a date afterwards. During which time, Josh tells me, "They seem like a really fun family."

I can confirm! I always have a blast around them. The way they cut up with each other, poking fun at one another, and then fight over who gets to stand next to who...It's such an entertaining and loving dynamic. I don't remember the last time I laughed so much at a session.

Thanks, once again, Secors, for trusting me! You're all such beautiful people- inside and out.

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