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If you all know me, then you know I'm all about the details. I adore shooting the little things that have big significance. Maybe it's a charm on a bouquet that has been passed down for generations or handwritten vows, it's those things that really make a wedding day for me. That's why I'm beyond excited to shoot this incredible couple's big day next year. After spending some time with Andrew and Sam, I can tell that they are a very detail-oriented couple.

They put so much thought into their session. Their outfits were thoroughly thought out, down to Sam's matching nail color. They loved the florals and greenery in their backgrounds. Even the time and date of the session was strategically planned. Yes, it's true that these two are very thoughtful, but my favorite thing was how well they knew each other, down to the last detail.

Any question I asked about them or their relationship, they gave me an in-depth answer that proved to me how well they payed attention to one another. They're genuinely interested in each other. They are each other's favorite book and they want to memorize every line. I love it.

So thank you, Sam & Andrew, for an amazing evening. I can't wait to celebrate you both next year.

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