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Sorry for two posts in one day (sorry not sorry), but I have an evening without a session which means it's editing central at my house. The latest session to grace my laptop screen is of one my very favorite families everrrrr. After we ate supper and played a few games, the Richeys got ready and we all piled up in the van to take advantage of the sunset lighting. Then it was back to our comfy clothes and more games and maybe a few more bites to eat.

Would you believe me if I told you that this California family looked this good despite being absolutely ambushed by herds of mosquitos? Fun fact: they don't have this problem where they live. I've been a midwesterner all my life and this was the worst I've ever seen the bugs attack. Between each pose, we were all slapping our arms/legs/heads... It honestly probably would've been pretty entertaining had anyone driven down the road.

But the Richeys handled it like pros. Kinda like they handle life.

It's been two days and I miss you all so much already! Sometimes I wonder how we're all best friends. You all always go off on your big adventures and Josh, Landon, and I just sit in our comfortable routines and wait for you to come back. It's kinda beautiful to me, honestly. Opposites attract I guess *shrugs*

Come back soon, k?


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