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If the fact that I'm sleep deprived, can't remember my own name, and keep finding gray hairs wasn't enough, the fact that so many of my little cousins are graduating this year sure is making me feel old. I've watched this boy since he was a tiny tot, and now here I am having to stand on a step stool to take his portraits. Payden has kept such a soft and humble spirit ever since he was little. He's the type of person that makes you feel relaxed.

He's not just going with the flow, he's enjoying the flow. This guy was just too downright happy to stay in a "serious" pose for too long. I ain't complaining, though; Payden is one of those mystical people with perfect teeth without the curse of braces. No, I'm not bitter. (eye roll) As perfect as his teeth are, they're not really the reason his smile is so contagious. It's his attitude that shines through, even in these images. I'm proud of you, Mr. Terry! I can't wait to see what you do.

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