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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Have you ever driven to a railroad crossing, looked to your right down the long, winding tracks into the distant trees and thought, "I'd love to bring my family here to get some pictures!"

If so, you may be like Carmen Cowherd. A cheerful, bubbly soul who's definition of a fun Saturday evening knows no limits.

If not, you may be more like me. Just a little...less fun.

And that's how less-fun me ended up on train tracks in Lanesville a couple of nights ago photographing one of my favorite families. Ricky, Carmen, and their children Hannah, Justin, Gracie, and Lucas are a beautiful example of two separate units coming together to form one harmonious, very blonde family! It's like the Brady Bunch to the best degree.

Hannah is one of my very best friends ever in the universe for all time. I've been hanging out with her and mooching Carmen's cooking for as long as I can remember. Said adventures include helping change her little brother, Justin's diaper many moons ago. And now look at him! A senior! *nose sniffles*

Gracie is growing into a beautiful, talented young lady. If I had even an ounce of her musical ability, I'd be happy. And Lucas, well, he's just...growing! I'm betting he'll finally be taller than Gracie this time next year.

All of these beautiful people look up to Ricky (literally and figuratively). The handyman at the center of this well-balanced family. Have you ever seen a family look so put-together whilst straddling train-tracks? No? Me either. Just one more thing to admire about the Cowherd-North clan!

Love you all!

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