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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I have two amazing “little” brothers (even though one of them is a head taller than me now). The younger one, Zander, enjoys things like Angry Birds, video games, and Leggos. When my now 20 year old brother, Jacob, was younger, he enjoyed whatever it was that I enjoyed. Polly Pockets, Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop...

Although he would have rather been playing with Spider-Man toys, I didn’t really give him much of a choice. But he’s so easy going and gentle-spirited that he didn’t really mind. He was just happy to play.

Sometimes I wonder how different he would have been if I had been a boy; if he would have had a brother to play with instead.

Well that is one thing, folks, that the Frazita boys will never have to wonder.

Sarah and Andrew are the super parents of four incredibly adorable boys. Brayden, Parker, Jacob, and Benjamin have no shortage of playmates and will certainly have no shortage of memories as they grow up together.

Jacob and Ben are celebrating their 4th and 1st birthdays, respectively. A celebration that called for big balloons and a nice evening in the park. The boys were excited to see a few chipmunks and even (what we think was) an otter as we braved the trails at Mill Race. Although we ended up losing the balloons, it was nothing a little comfort from Daddy and Spider-Man gummies couldn’t fix.

After the boys all got their pictures taken, Josh lead them to the van to watch Turbo while I took a couple shots of the lovebirds.

Bottles, pacifiers, and swaddle blankets are the details I’m used to seeing now. Balloons, Spider-Man gummies, Turbo...all things I have to look forward to. All things I know Sarah and Andrew will miss one day.

And let’s not even think about the fact that one day it will turn into cars, shoes, and college applications. (Oh my!)

Thank you, once again, Frazitas, for sharing your evening with me!

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