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There is something extremely special about repeat clients. When I get to be there to photograph a family through all stages of life, it truly is the best compliment. On the other hand, I absolutely love the thrill of meeting new faces. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to do just that. Faith reached out to me a long time ago about a family session for a Christmas present (awesome idea, by the way), and I was so excited to meet the Meyer crew. I had a blast figuring out their personalities along the way. The way they interact with each other made me feel so comfortable. They're the type of good, down-home people that make you feel like family.

Although they tried to pretend they weren't at first, these guys were great in front of the camera. Maybe it's because they really are so close-knit and relaxed, and that's exactly what they appear to be in their images. Thank you all so much for trusting all of my crazy ideas (even if it meant taking your hat off) and for putting up with the chilly southern Indiana air. Wasn't it worth it, though?! These colors are incredible!

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