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This weekend, I had the absolute honor of celebrating one of my dearest friends. Megan is already a bride, in fact, she's been one for 8 years now. So why a bridal shower now? Well, when Megan and Devin first said, "I do," it was a courthouse wedding that plunged them into a cross country journey. Megan has faithfully followed her soulmate wherever the Coast Guard has taken him. They've built a beautiful life and family together. The only thing missing from their love story is a ceremony to celebrate their union. Life and time has finally allowed them to arrange such an event, and I figured it wouldn't be complete without a surprise bridal shower.

Putting together a party that's worthy of Megan's beauty and grace was no easy task. But Megan is loved by so many strong, amazing women who came together to make my vision come to life. We ate, we laughed, we cried, we painted... Megan's friend Lauren even drove all the way from Virginia to help us and celebrate. All I can say is thank you, first to Megan, for being such an amazing friend and influence in my life, secondly to Megan's momma and sister for all of their help, and lastly to my own family for always being the hardest working people I know.

I'm sufficiently pumped for the vowel renewal now. See y'all in August!

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