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I work with a lot of couples who are just starting their lives together. Whether that be for engagement sessions or during their wedding day. There is always so much love, beauty, and magic. I could never, ever get tired of photographing couples in love. How much more beautiful is it to feel that same love between a couple who said "I do" 50 years ago? That is my wish for every couple that I photograph and that is exactly what I saw between MaryAnn and Billy.

These two lovebirds rode me around their property so that we could document their love story with the things that were sentimental to them.

"We built that together."

"We planted that together."

"The kids got me this tree for Mother's Day."

Decades and decades of stories, memories, and moments were shared with me and all I could think was, "This is all I ever want."

I tell my husband that my life goals and dreams probably seem so simple and ordinary, but in 42 years when we celebrate our 50th anniversary, all I really want is to look around and see the life we've built, reminisce on the happy memories, and look forward to the next project together. Just like these two!

Here's to many more years of a happy marriage!

Also, I promise I didn't bump up the saturation in any of these images. Their property and love is just really that radiant!

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