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I've said it once (or a few million) times, but I'll say it again: there's nothing like photographing a couple in love. There's also nothing like shooting at golden hour. Put those two together and you've got some real magic.

Ok, ok. The magic between Mandi and Trent is super evident, even without my camera. I'm just glad I was there to capture it. When I first met Mandi, she told me how she came to love Trent and how her kids were so happy for her. This woman talked about her Mr. Right with literal tears in her eyes. Leaving that meeting, I had some pretty high expectations for Mr. Bontrager. After watching these two lovebirds together, I can happily say that he is, in fact, her Prince Charming.

To celebrate their love and upcoming marriage, our summer evening session took place at the exact spot where Trent proposed. On a piece of property where the Bontrager home will soon be, Trent built a fire and asked Mandi to be his Mrs. (note the fire pit below). How cute is that?!

After seeing the way Trent looked at Mandi, I can hardly wait to capture the moment when he first sees her as his bride. Goosebumps already! Congrats, you two. Happily ever after is out there!

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