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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Do you all remember about a year ago when all anyone could talk about was what the royal baby was going to look like? The exact same conversations were had when we all found out that Brett and Jaclyn were expecting. Will she have red hair like her daddy? What will her complexion be? Will she have brown or blue eyes?

Fast forward to today and Miss Lillie Reign is here to answer all of our questions. Spoiler alert: she's just as cute (or even cuter) than Prince Archie himself.

At first, all she wanted was to be held by her momma. After she got some snuggles and a full belly, she came around to the idea of napping with a bow on her head so we could get some shots. It isn't too hard to see who the boss is. This sweet little girl has her parents completely smitten.

Those first few weeks at home with a new baby were even more difficult than I expected them to be. And although Jaclyn claims she isn't getting as much sleep as she used to, I kinda don't believe her. She looks amazing!

Brett and Jaclyn, congrats on such a sweet little girl!

I couldn't help myself. Enjoy this shot of Lillie telling her daddy how much she loves him (peep the stream).

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