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On Saturday, I was formally invited to tour the grounds of Lady Lauren's royal estate. I was granted the honor of photographing her as she strolled along the gardens, castles, and fields. As it was my first time documenting a royal, I was a bit nervous. But Lauren's grace and beauty made it a breeze.

Ok, so maybe that's not exactly what happened, but that's what I keep telling myself as I scroll through these images. Although Lauren may not be a royal by blood, she sure does look straight out of a Jane Austen film to me. Her long, blonde locks and dreamy eyes on top of the most beautiful dress could've made a dumpster for a background look regal. But the Thompson girls wanted to blow my mind by taking me to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens to shoot Lauren's senior portraits. I was *this* close to telling people that this session was shot in Europe and not the Ohio River Valley. I mean, a castle?! Come on!

The most enchanting background in the world still doesn't stand up next to Laruen's beauty- inside and out. Her features and countenance are just so soft and sweet. And her heart of gold shines through so brightly, I had to turn down my ISO. Not to mention that she can sing like a princess too! Maybe I will just keep telling myself that I got to be a royal photographer for a day...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a perfect morning. I know that whatever path you chose to take next, you'll be the absolute best.

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