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About 16 hours ago, I was frantically examining the radar every 4.5 minutes praying that the rain and thunder would pass by before this family's session. Not only did God answer that prayer, but the post-rain lighting has me absolutely in love with this session. The sunset was KILLER; magic hour at it's finest. Even better were the beautiful people in front of it.

Biased? Maybe. But I don't think it takes much to appreciate how beyond stunning this group is. The first memory I have of "matriarch" Kim is her driving me to ballet practice when I was three. Skip a couple decades, and she has cultivated one of the most beautiful groups of people I've ever seen. Mam-hood looks amazing on her and her offspring are guaranteed to be gorgeous (inside and out). It took me longer to narrow down my favorites of her grandkids than it did to write this post. Put these people on a gravel road together at dusk and you've got content galore.

So, Momma Kim, here's my photographic rendition of your tribe. Perfection if you ask me. All it took was four suckers, six boo-boos, a few negotiations, and maximal energy from aunt Moriah... totally worth it.

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