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Can you feel that in the air? Some may mistake it for the start of spring, but it's actually the beginning of a very exciting photography season. With one busy week behind me, I am so so excited to share just a few favorites from Katie and Hunter's engagement session. This session could've easily been sponsored by Pantene. Not one, but both halves to this adorable couple have some pretty impressive locks that were at the complete mercy of the 20 mph winds. Somehow, these two made it look absolutely flawless.

Not only did I have the most gorgeous couple to pose, but the location was a dream come true. Thanks to The Farm on Old State Road, we had acres and acres of fence lines, fields, and livestock to work with. Who doesn't want a cow photobomb in their images?! Even more adorable than our four-legged friends' cameos was that from none other than Miss Layla Williams herself. The little princess was wide awake and perfect for a few snaps with Mom and Dad.

This session was certainly one for the record books, and it only makes me that much more excited to say that the next time Katie and Hunter grace my blog, they will be Mr. and Mrs. Williams!

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